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  • Headaches from Eye strain
    Headaches, eyestrain and muscle painHeadaches are a common complaint at Chiropractic offices.   Common musculoskeletal types are Tension headaches, Common Migraines, Classic Migraines and Cervico-genic Headaches.  Chiropractic care and lifestyle modifications Read more
  • Pain Research, how it can help us
    Why Pain?  Our danger sensing systemHumans have evolved over thousands of generations. Our body’s ability to tell our brains what is happening in and around our bodies has become very Read more
  • Frozen Shoulder, not your typical shoulder pain...
    Frozen ShoulderIn this series of posts I will examine a painful and frustrating condition called Frozen shoulder.  Frozen Shoulder (AKA  Adhesive Capsulitis) is a common condition treated by Chiropractors, and Read more
  • Sitting too much, one more way to avoid it: Walking meetings
    Sitting has been getting a lot of bad press in recent years.  Sitting,  it is not good for you.  We are meant to move.  There are so many reasons for Read more
  • Repetitive Strain and Cumulative Trauma:Whats gluing you together?
    The Cumulative Injury (also known as Repetitive Strain injury or, Repetitive Stress Injury) Cycle:As a Chiropractor and ART practitioner I have seen how this cycle affects people in my practice Read more
  • Muscle Pain Can Be Caused by the Use of Statin Drugs
    Muscle Pain Can Be Caused by the Use of Statin DrugsMuscle pain is a common reason for patients to seek a Chiropractic evaluation. Hip pain, lower back pain and even Read more
  • Make the change to a Sit-Stand work station
    The majority of office workers spend their working day sitting.  A simple change is to utilize a sit- stand workstation. A person does not need to spend the entire day Read more
  • The Power of Movement
    Having lower back pain is almost a certainty. The likelihood and the intensity depend a lot on your lifestyle. While the cause of some back pain can be readily identified, Read more
  • Researchers find one Massage can improve immune function
    Massage Can Boost the Immune System, even just one massageEveryone knows massage therapy is relaxing and feels great. Massage is also an effective tool for maintaining good health. I came Read more
  • Climbers Elbow: A Path to Recovery
    If you are a climber you have probably either heard of or experienced climber’s elbow. This injury is caused by overuse or acute injury and subsequent tendonitis of the brachialis Read more
  • Not All Back Pain is the Same
    Experiencing lower back pain, and want to consult a Chiropractor? Naturally, you want to know what’s important to consider during your visit. Here are some thoughts on that. Make sure your Read more
  • 3 Stretches to Relieve Office Postural Stress
    Relieving tight muscles of postural strainOffice workers endure chronic muscle tightness, especially here in the technology focused San Mateo county.There is no shortage of exercises and stretches to do and Read more
  • The Mature Athlete The Game Goes On
    Maybe your strength on the athletic field isn’t what it used to be. Maybe your 10K pace has slowed. Do you succumb to “old age” and retire your athletic gear? The short Read more
  • "Mommy" Shoulder
    Caring for our kids is a full-time, physical jobCaring for children is physically and mentally demanding, it's a labor of love.  Few occupations require such a high degree of physical Read more
  • My Favorite Stretch for Shoulder and Upper Back Pain.
    If I could give a person only one stretch, and frankly sometimes only one will happen so make it a good one.Standing Child's pose  - for the officeExtended Child's pose Read more
  • Sleep deprivation effects aches and pains...
    Sleep deprivation is a widespread problem in America.I can only imagine it is even more significant of a problem here on the borders of Silicon Valley. Ongoing sleep debt has Read more


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