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Dr. Dade uses a variety of Chiropractic techniques along with Active Release Techniques (soft tissue therapy) to help patients resolve health issues and maintain their health and wellness. At our conveniently located clinic in downtown San Mateo (off of 3rd Avenue exit), we see a variety of patients (from school children to those working on their 10th decade) with conditions ranging from neck pain to plantar fasciitis.

Below are the most common conditions we see at our office, but this list isn't all inclusive. Sometimes a patient's health issue will fit neatly into a category and other times, not so neatly. Patients are evaluated so each issue can be approached from all appropriate avenues. You will be treated with a unique plan, taking into account your health goals and treatment preferences.

Dr. Dade serves patients in greater San Mateo county including the cities of San Mateo, Burlingame, Hillsborough, Belmont, Millbrae, Foster City, San Bruno, Menlo Park and Redwood City.

Why Dr. Dade?

  • Sincere, individualized approach that takes into account the whole person
  • A variety of Chiropractic techniques that we tailor to the patient's needs and preferences
  • Active Release and Technique soft tissue therapy integrates with Chiropractic care to produce rapid results for spinal as well as extremity conditions.
  • Same-day appointments on most days, with Saturday and evening appointments available
  • Member of many insurance plans
  • Affordable rates and payment arrangements
  • Convenient location close to the highway 101 3rd Avenue exit in downtown San Mateo with ample free parking. Convenient to the San Mateo Caltrain stop at First Avenue. 
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  • Meet Dr. Dade

    Dr. Dade specializes in the treatment of the spine and extremities with special attention to rehabilitation, and prevention of repetitive stress injuries. In addition to Chiropractic adjustments and being Full Body certified in Active Release Technique Read More


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Donovan, the Receptionist Dee, and the Massage therapist Maren are amazing. Many years ago I vowed I would never go to a Chiropractor because I was so terrified something horrible would happen. But after constant headaches for a several years that pain killers did very little to help, I psyched myself up to see a Chiropractor. The receptionist Dee was the nicest most caring person and put all my fears to ease. I first saw Maren who was so informative, patient, thorough and did wonders for my tight shoulders and neck. The lymphatic drainage treatment was awesome and I felt amazing. I then saw Dr. Donovan a few days later and was so please with my visit. He is a very gifted doctor who knows exactly what to do to help. And best of all my headaches have decreased significantly in only a few short weeks! I love their holistic approach and natural methods to getting the body to help heal itself."
    - Alya M. / San Mateo, CA
  • "I have be a client of Dr. Donovan for many years. He has always gone out of his way to work with my crazy life and work schedule. I find him a good listener, he has a very up personality and is a excellent Chiropractor . He is always updating his knowledge and skills. His office staff are very understanding ,friendly and they return phone calls quickly, I also love that they phone me the day before with reminders of my appointment (they also are very understanding if you have to change or cancel an appointment).

    If you need a Chiropractor-- please see Dr. Donovan -- you will not be sorry!"
    Jean S on Yelp 3/23/2012
  • "I have been a patient of Dr Donovan DC for over 10 years and I couldn't be happier. As he's both a Chiropractor and Myofascial Therapist I'm able to get so much care each visit with his vast expertise, knowledge and skills.

    Everyone in the office is personable and friendly, it's a wonderful team. And there is now a recent addition of a massage therapist which I'm excited to learn about and will hopefully get an appointment with soon.

    Bottom line is I highly recommend Dr Donovan!"
    Alisha W on Yelp 02/08/2012
  • "I have been treated by chiropractors for years. We moved to San Mateo and needed to find a chiropractor we could trust. We have tried several in the San Mateo area without finding a truly top-flight doctor, until we met Dr. Dade Donovan. He spent almost an hour checking my history, testing my body and its limits, verifying information I had given him. He has "sensitive hands". He is caring, and very competent using a combination of modalities for treatment.

    His office manager, Dee is very competent, delightfully pleasant and called to remind me of my upcoming appointment.

    Here is a doctor I trust, I am delighted to have found Dr. Donovan!"
    John M on Yelp 8/25/2011 (filtered by Yelp)
  • "2nd chiropracter I've been to in my life. Probably the only one that I will go back to for any future back problems.

    Had a sport's injury and he was knowledgeable about my sport and recommended exercises that I could do at home to prevent injury and strengthen my back - not a typical chiropracter that only does adjustment. I still had my adjustments done but the extra exercises really helped to keep my back strong.

    Highly recommend! Very attentive."
    Lorraine T. on Yelp 4/15/2011
  • "Dr. Donovan fixed my long-standing shoulder problem. I had a torn rotator cuff about 10 years ago that never totally healed after surgery. After 1 session with Dr. Donovan I was able to throw a football 10 yards further. Today I can throw any ball like I did before the surgery.

    I highly recommend Dr. Donovan"
    Mark A on Yelp 4/20/2011
  • "Dr. Donovan specializes in Active Release Techniques or ART. I have been seeing Dr. Donovan for several years now and always feel refreshed when I leave an appointment. I'm an active mother of a very active toddler and have had such relief in my shoulder and back from carrying a moving child. Repetitive motion has also caused me problems in my wrist and neck although with Dr. Donovan's treatments and strengthening exercises I can return to my normal busy life. Dr. Donovan's whole body approach is very effective. If you're active, involved in sports or have over worked muscles causing you problems, see Dr. Donovan - you will be very pleased. I travel from Sunnyvale just to see Dr. Donovan - he's that good!"
    Charleen W. on Insider Pages
  • "After experiencing twelve years of knee pain and trying several rounds of physical therapy and other alternative therapies, I finally found relief within a matter of weeks through Dade Donovan's chiropractic services. His application of the ART (Active Release Technique) combined with strengthening exercises was an effective solution. Dr. Donovan was able to reduce my discomfort immediately and within a few weeks I was able to sleep at night with no pain. After that period of treatments, I am now able to exercise regularly and have not had any pain for almost six months. I spent many frustrating years searching for an answer and I'm thrilled to move freely again, without pain. Dade Donovan is an effective practitioner. He listens carefully, he thoroughly understands the muscular skeletal system and the science behind the techniques he uses. Today, I have no pain, I am able to sleep throughout the night pain free, I'm able to exercise regularly, and I can move freely again."
    Janice N. on Insider Pages
  • "First of all I have to mention Dr. Donovan's staff...Dee in the front office is so pleasant and easy to talk to. Now then, Dr. D is the best! He has an excellent bedside manner. He knows how to calm his patients. I was involved in a car accident that left me with severe neck pain and crippling headaches. I also had what I thought was the beginning of carpal tunnel. After my first session of some cracking of my neck and upper back and some manipulation of my forearms I felt so much better. I would highly recommend to all my fellow Yelpers to go to Dr. D."
    K.A. on Yelp 5/14/2009
  • "After many months of intense pain due to repetitive strain injuries, Dr Donovan applied Active Release Technique and after two sessions, I have been pain free ever since (17 months and counting!) Sounds unbelievable, right? I wouldn't have believed it myself, but it is so true."
    Dee Costello on San Mateo Smalltown
  • "I was in a car accident that damaged my knee. After just a few visits I was able to dance again. Dr. Donovan is very knowledgeable when it comes to alternative medicine. I highly recommend him. He personally cares about each patient."
    bythebookkeeping on San Mateo Smalltown
  • "Dr. Donovan was very thorough in addressing my needs. I have a work related injury to my elbows, that also affected my wrists and hands. He has a way of massaging and manipulating the affected areas that has relieved the pain and increased my strength. I was also experiencing back and neck pain which he alleviated through the use of techniques and equipment I've never experienced before, but which gave me immediate results. What I especially appreciate is his thoroughness, like recommending stretching exercises to stave off injury. Dr. Donovan has a holistic approach to treating his patients, including discussions on health and nutrition, that fits in perfectly with how I live my life.

    "caring, highly knowledgeable, and is a great doctor""
    juicelady on San Mateo Smalltown
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Donovan's for five or six years now. I have worked for chiropractors in the past and have a lot of experience with different doctors. Dr. Donovan is by far the best. I see him for just general stiffness, etc. when ever I need a visit. However, he has been invaluable to me with my sports injuries. Dr. Donovan has treated me for a severely sprained ankle (or two) as well as helped me rehab a broken tibia. What I love about his style of care is that he takes the time to listen to what I am feeling, before even doing any physical evaluation. Then he gets to work. The combination of Active Release Technique (ART), Graston Technique, and adjustments have gotten me back up and running quickly. Regardless of my condition, whether it's an injury or just general stiffness and soreness, Dr. Donovan is a wealth of knowledge. He always has some kind of exercise, stretches, or yoga positions that I can do at home to speed my recovery along."
    Rich W. on Yelp

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