Fall prevention, don’t let a fall change your life

Fall Prevention Coalition of San Mateo County offers the following recommendations to prevent falls:


Fall prevention is essential

Falls for older adults are rising dramatically

Each year millions of those over 65 years of age suffer falls.  One in four elderly adults has a fall every year.   Nearly half of those do not report these falls to their primary care physician.  Having had a fall, sadly, increases the risk of the next fall.  This is a serious and costly problem.  For more on the impacts of falls  click here.

Home Safety:

Clear pathways and clutter. Remove throw rugs. Place a non-skid mat outside of your shower Improve lighting throughout the house Use nightlights, especially between bed and bathroom Install grab bars and stair railings Consider a home safety assessment: (844) NO FALLS / (844) 663-2557 – Toll free for San Mateo Fall Prevention

Medication Review:

Carry a current medication list with you, which includes your prescription and over-the-counter medications. Check your list with your doctor or pharmacist for fall risk side effects.

Eyes and Ears: 

Have your vision and hearing checked yearly.

Stay Active and Balanced:

Your balance can improve! Work on your balance every day Take a fall prevention class: (844) NO FALLS / (844) 663-2557 – Toll free for San Mateo Fall Prevention or go to http://www.smcfallprevention.org.

Get Help:

If you live alone, make a daily check-in plan with a friend or family member.  Consider wearing a personal alter system. Wear it all the time, including inside the shower and to bed.

Healthy Feet:

Wear shoes and slippers that are closed in front and back, have non-slip soles and fit well. See a Podiatrist if you cannot cut your own toenails safely.

Strong Bones:

Keep your bones healthy by doing weight bearing exercises. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends a Bone Density test for men over 70 and women over 65. Ask for a Vitamin D blood test and check that you are taking enough Vitamin D and Calcium to keep your bones strong to reduce your risk of fractures.

These common sense recommendations are  made for the benefit of older people but they are good for people of all ages and health status.  Using them will help us reduce the injury from falls in San Mateo County!

www.smcfallprevention.org    (844) NO FALLS / (844) 663-2557 – Toll free for San Mateo Fall Prevention

Additional help

Feet that are in good shape and a body that is strong are both essential to reducing fall risk. Need help with your feet contact us here.   Need to get stronger and improve your balance Dr. Donovan can help with that too!

Sources :

San Mateo  Fall Prevention Alliance http://www.smcfallprevention.org

CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/falls/facts.html

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