Foot pain and Flip flops

Flip flops and their effects on your feet

Foot pain and Flip Flops

Taking a break from the flip flops on the beach Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Summertime is the season of relaxation. This means spending time outside and very often wearing a pair of flip flops. People love to wear flip flops because they are casual and easy to slip on and off.   Flip flops also allow people to expose their feet to the open air while having protection underneath their feet (the sole of the foot) at the same time. However, what many people don’t know is that flip flops can have some negative effects on their feet if worn too often. Now this isn’t just about people accidentally stepping on your toes. Depending on one’s foot type, flip flops can lead to foot pain if the wearer walks in them for long periods of time.

How problems happen

These painful issues can occur because flip flops provide zero arch support for your feet and no heel strap. Shoes provide real arch support (which distributes weight over more of the foot), cushioning for the heels, and shock absorption. Additionally, the contact that a shoe makes with the back of the heel prevents the small muscles of the foot from overworking as they do when one wears flip flops and those same muscles attempt to hold the sandal on your foot.

Another problem is created when the steady gripping with the toes onto the sole strap can eventually over work the toe flexors, generating forefoot pain and misalignment of the foot bones, even tendinitis. It can even lead to a sprained ankle because of the fatigue it causes.

Risks on the Beach

People rarely think about the risks of wearing flip flops. Flip flops do not come with a warning label. It is up to individual consumers to take the necessary precautions when they choose to wear them, especially on the beach. Sand on a beach creates a very uneven surface to walk on, which only increases foot fatigue and the chances of tripping.

Risks while Driving

During the summer especially, some people will wear flip flops while driving.  This is a bit risky as the sandal could get caught underneath the brake or gas pedal.

Our best advice is this: If you have to wear flip flops then it would be better to wear them around the house and/or for short periods of time. The important thing to remember is to wear them on even surfaces for shorter periods of time and your feet happier for it.

If they are not fine, we know just what to do.  Every summer we see a lot of people for foot pain. Not all of it is from flip flops (other conditions like plantar fasciitis, foot strains and Achilles tendonitis tend to resurface in the summer). So, don’t suffer your summer away, get your feet fixed.

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