Osteoporosis Screening Thursday December 6th 1 to 5pm

Checkyour bone density without a Bone Scan

Ultrasound BoneDensity Screenings offered at our Chiropractic office by Dr. Howayeck DPM

TheTop  Reasons Why You Should Get Tested OurWay!

1. Checking early and Regularly : Few are assessing their bone density as earlyor as systematically as they really COULD and SHOULD. Early detection of a problemallows for more approaches to solve it, rather than simply relying on medication

2. Ultrasound is easier. Very little waiting. Approval by your doctor or your insurance companyis unnecessary. And at $40, its quite AFFORDABLE!

3. How often is a medical test made to be anenjoyable and educational experience? Get your screening results, an explanation of them and clearrecommendations.

4. Osteoporosis effects everyone not just the person with it. Studies show that if you were to testpositive for osteoporosis, 60-80% of your immediate family members willultimately contract it themselves. Youre testing for them even if they dont come with you! (But by all means–and if you can–bring themtoo, OK?)

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