Sports injuries and Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique and Sports injuries

The intensity of playing sports increases the risk of injury, especially soft tissue injuries such as sprain/strains. This need created an entirely new category of healthcare, Sports Medicine.

The symptoms from sports injuries can be quite varied and include aching, tingling, burning, numbness and stiffness. In order to treat these kinds of symptoms, some Chiropractors use the “Active Release Technique” (A.R.T.) to treat the soft tissue damage responsible for these feelings. Active Release Technique combined with a functional evaluation provides the Chiropractor with a way to identify and diagnose the soft tissue involved and determine the cause of the symptoms. Some of the techniques used to treat it are often used to help diagnose as well.

How A.R.T. Helps Reduce the Pain of Sports Injuries

A.R.T. is a hands-on soft tissue therapy. The goal is to address the muscles and tissues that have been injured. This is the type of trauma that keeps affecting a particular part of the body repeatedly. For example, soccer players are notorious for getting lower extremity or leg injuries because they regularly strike the ball and occasionally collide with other players. Their lower bodies tend to the most of the damage from this.  

Acute and cumulative traumas can both end up producing fibrous adhesions. Scar tissue can reduce the efficiency of blood flow resulting in muscles getting decreased levels of oxygen. In addition, adhesions will slow down joint movement causing action to be restricted and even painful. Active Release Technique is designed to specifically locate and break down scar tissue.  

A.R.T. Goes Beyond Sports Injuries

Sports Medicine addresses a variety of injuries. You don’t have to necessarily be a soccer player to experience an injury that could benefit from Active Release Technique. These injuries could happen in any sport, even tennis and golf. This is how Tennis elbow and Golfer’s elbow got their names, but these conditions also commonly affect computer users and hairstylists.

When the muscles in your forearm are overused because of repetitive movements that eventually begin to break down specific tendons in your forearm pain is going to be the end result. So, regardless of what sport is being played, an athlete that suffers regular pain in a particular area of their body, can be helped by Chiropractic and Active Release Technique.

A Chiropractor will evaluate the area that is injured and provide you with an accurate diagnosis based on an examination. After the diagnosis has been made, they will often treat the injury the same day. Examination takes about an hour and treatment generally about 20 minutes. Depending on the severity of the problem, patients can often begin to feel better before the end of their first appointment.

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