Dr. Dade Donovan, San Mateo Chiropractor Testimonials

Christopher T on Yelp

Dr. Donovan is amazing! I’m a dentist and threw out my neck and felt debilitated. Dr. Donovan made every effort to see me the same day even though it was past his normal office hours. Dr. D did a thorough examination and intake history. He addressed all of my concerns even those unrelated to the main reason I came in. After the history, he did a variety of expert adjustments with varying equipment and I could tell immediately a difference in my range of motion. It’s been 2 days since I saw him and I’m 90% better. He showed me stretches and gave me advice for good aftercare. He was super honest and very personable. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, I give him my highest recommendation. Thanks Dr. D!

Mel P on Yelp

Family has been going to him for years. He is simply great at his craft and is a pleasant person as well.

Sherry M on Yelp

I have been seeing Dr Donovan on and off for over 10 years and he is just amazing. He can tell you what’s hurting just by looking at you. Just recently went to him because I was told I have arthritis in my hip and he worked on it a few visits and wow very little pain and gave me some exercises to do.. Feeling so much better. I highly recommend him. 5 stars for sure

Mitzi W on Yelp

I have been seeing Dr. Donovan since he open his practice and am very happy, with his care that he gives. I have seen him for almost every part
of my body that I have injured, I use to be a truck driver and my body took a beating but he never gives up always wants to help me. I thank him for that.

Heather S on Yelp

Excellent Chiropractic office. From the front-desk to the massage therapist to the chiropractor – every one is top notch, first rate.

Dr Donovan provides a chiropractic adjustment during the 20 minute session, and also takes a look at any other part of your body that may be giving you trouble. I really appreciate the adjustment as well as the continued guidance towards overall body support and strength. I am glad that he is certified in ART therapy, because I have felt much relief in my shoulder during my visits with him this year. He also took a look at my ankle and is helping it heal in a better way for my overall structure and posture.

Dr Donovan is very knowledgeable and kind, and I am so happy that I found his office on Yelp!

Amy Jo K on Yelp

Dr. Dade practices a hands-on form of chiropractic care that’s both rare and powerful. I’ve seen other chiropractors – and now that I’ve discovered this approach, and experienced Dr. Dade’s insightful and effective care, I would never go anywhere else. I am so grateful to have found this office. Thanks Dr. Dade!

Julie J on Yelp

Dr Donovan is very thorough in his assessment, asks the right questions and really listens to my needs. I went to him when I first moved to the area because I had plantar – his treatment helped me get rid of it quickly.

Due to some back pain last week, I was able to get in the same day. Even though I hadn’t been in in over a year, everyone treated me with respect and kindness. His office staff, Dee and Linda are helpful and equally kind. Highly recommend Dr. Donovan as he really cares about his patients.

Jenna K on Yelp

If I could give him more stars, I would. On a one-to-ten scale, I would give him an eleven!

Dr. Donovan is very thorough in his assessment and treatment. I went in for back pain that I had neglected for years (I slouch and have a very full chest). Immediately after his first treatment, I started to feel so much better. He is very gentle and even knows to treat areas of pain you don’t tell him about.

I had surgery on my foot last year and I will just say the experience was a bit of a nightmare. I told Dr. Donovan about the pain I was still experiencing in my foot almost now a year later. Not only did he do adjustments on my foot (I didn’t even know chiropractors could do this), he watched how I walked and recommended excellent inexpensive foot inserts. My own podiatrist I saw didn’t do this. My foot feels so much better, the swelling went down and it’s all thanks to Dr. Donovan.

Dr. Donovan has a bedside manner that is hard to find in doctors these days. You can tell he genuinely cares and will go above and beyond to help you. He has fit me in on rather short notice and he indicates on his voicemail greeting he will go beyond business hours to help his patients.

One last thing, his office staff is super. I don’t think I have ever looked so forward to visiting a doctor’s office. They are all very good to me. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, look no further. Dr Donovan and his staff will take excellent care of you!

The critic A on Yelp

Dr. Donovan is an amazing chiropractor with cool personality. I have been seeing for over 2 years and every single time he has been punctual, patiently listens to my problems and fixes my painful jaw, neck and back. I feel great after every visit. He also gives great suggestions and advise on how to maintain a good posture at my work desk, offers stretching exercises and does not put pressure on me to come back for more visits. He is a great doctor to have. Thank you!

Jo S on Yelp

Dr. Donovan is an exemplary chiropractor. He has a great knowledge of physiology and addresses needs well. I’ve been to him with various back and neck issues over the years. My husband has seen him many times primarily for neck issues.

Two additional things mark Dr. Donovan as a great health care provider.

First, he does not play the “you need to come in for regular maintenance” game. If the series of treatments has led to relief from pain and better function, he is perfectly happy to tell you to call him if you need him. I have dealt with chiropractors who seem more interested in guaranteeing my repeat business than in actually curing my problem than I care to discuss. Dr. Donovan is absolutely not like that.

Second, he knows when you need care from other providers. My husband’s neck thing was not getting better, and at one point Dr. Donovan said he was concerned about continuing treatment without further diagnostic information. He encouraged my husband to seek care from a DO or MD, and/or to get an MRI. My husband got an MRI which showed serious degeneration in his cervical discs. Dr. Donovan was smart to hold off on further chiropractic treatment until getting this information, because the wrong approach could have led to serious injury. Dr. Donovan understands the link between chiropractic and other treatment approaches and is not a zealot about chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Donovan is an excellent addition to any care team, and a nice guy on top of that. We highly recommend him.

Shelia C on Yelp

Always 5-star service at Dr Dade’s. From the greeting at the front door through to the appt, I feel welcomed, cared for and understood by a truly professional staff and doctor, all with a great sense of humor too!

Diane C on Yelp

Dr Dade Donovan is the best doctor i know for his care, concern and for going the extra mile. he is my hero, time and again. and on top of all this, he is an all-around great guy.

my husband was having lower back pain earlier this year. after ordering an x-ray and mri, dr donovan recommended my husband see his primary care physician to whom dr d sent a note suggesting pool therapy exercise. when we got to the pcp, that pcp denied receiving the note and refused to prescribe therapy, saying it wouldn’t help. (we have since changed pcps.)

well, when we went back to see dr donovan after the visit to the pcp, frustrated and feeling helpless, dr d called in a prescription to the mickelson pool for therapy. we’re in the middle of the scheduled therapy now, and owe a debt of gratitude to dr donovan.

I can’t think of the right superlatives to describe how wonderful I believe dr donovan is.

Mike N on Yelp

I have seen Dr. Dade on two separate occasions over the years and I have to say I’m so impressed. I’d never seen a chiropractor before Dr. Dade. I wasn’t entirely sure what they did. Now I know. They help with a lot of things.

Everyday I drink a powdered nutritional supplement with juice called Deeper Greens. It’s how I get my daily servings of fruit and vegetables. I didn’t know about this product, but Dr. Dade recommended it since I want to, but don’t eat enough fruits and veggies during the day. I’m now hooked on it.

My latest reason for seeing Dr. Dade was a case of frozen shoulder. This is where you get intense pain around the shoulder and down through the arm. It came on without any actual trigger event and has caused me a lot of pain.

Dr. Dade has helped me to stabilize the pain and slowly reverse its course to get better. He told me after the first appointment that I shouldn’t worry and that it would get better. I appreciated his sincere confidence.

It was well placed as I am certainly on the mend. What I really like about Dr. Dade is his deep knowledge of chiropractic and the human body, nutrition, and Active Release Technique, which he used with me for another condition. He really knows so much.

He’s always on time, too, which is great. I truly recommend him to others.

My Growth Coach tip for business improvement: Give your chiropractic patients who’ve not seen Maren, your massage therapist, a complimentary short session with her so they can experience her service, too. I suspect that a percentage of them would then become her clients as well.

Barbara S on Yelp

I have chronic back pain and Dr Donovan is the best! He has a large skill set to draw from (love A.R.T!) and I always walk out feeling better. He’s compassionate, listens, and takes the time you need for treatment. He has an answering service that will page him if you have an emergency outside of office hours (I was sooo grateful when I had to use this) and he has seen me on a Saturday.

Dee, the administrative person, is wonderful and chipper and I look forward to her appointment reminder phone calls.

Maren, the masseuse, is amazing. She is very intuitive and uses hot rocks. I’ve also had several Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage sessions. I had no idea what they were, but they have really been making a difference.

There are so many wonderful things to say, but I heartily recommend you visit Dr Dade’s website at: drdade.com

Robert G. on Yelp

Dr Dade rocks! I’ve been going to him for about 4 years and is by far the best chiropractor Usually the pain I’m experiencing stops after 1 or 2 visits. He’s just awesome.

Update: Dade is Awesome and highly recommended. He is the best chiropractor I have ever seen- he will only have you continue coming in if he can really help and is most professional.

Last Feb I hurt my back and went to see him on a friends recommendation. Within a week I was better- I have been back only a few times since and he’s been great. Highly highly recommended!

Heather H on Yelp

Let me just start by saying, I finished the stormy and miserable California International Marathon on Sunday. It may have been the slowest marathon of my life, but I was amazed that I actually was able to finish it, and that is all thanks to Dr. Donovan.

I have always had a lot of running injuries, due to pushing myself way too hard and going way too fast. Not to mention I have one leg shorter than the other and mild scoliosis which I’m sure doesn’t help. It was no surprise that I ended up feeling some injuries coming on after completing two half marathons back to back.

I went to see Dr. Donovan because I had CIM coming up in about two months and I knew I’d need help if I were to complete it. I was behind in the schedule and was forced to do an aggressive training schedule. 13 miles to 15, to 18, to 20 and down. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

I saw Dr. Donovan weekly, and he was always quick to throw my body back into alignment, all the while keeping me entertained by friendly chats and helpful body maintenance advice. He’s a very approachable Dr, and I feel very comfortable with him and we share the same slightly sarcastic humor.

The ART he did was gentle but effective. I wasn’t screaming in pain and there were no tears running down my cheeks. I did improve my flexibility, motion and balance though.

I plan on visiting Dr. Donovan regularly even without any injuries because I think he will keep things in line and help me become a better athlete. I think the fact that I finished the race with borderline injuries and an aggressive training schedule shows that Dr. Donovan knows what he’s doing!

Erik L on Yelp

I had been struggling with some physical issues with my hands and feet for a few months. After numerous visits to my doctor and acupuncturist I was just about ready to give up hope of feeling normal again when I booked a visit with Dr. Donovan. After two sessions my issues have completely gone away. I would not believe it if it didn’t actually happen to me.

Maria T. on Yelp

Dr. Donovan always knows how to give me relief by fixing my neck, shoulder, and/or back when my alignment is off. He also has a good sense of humor. He is the best! His receptionist, Dee, is wonderful.

Andriana G M on Yelp

Dr. Dade Donovan has a profound understanding of the human body physiology, anatomy and biochemistry. Dr Donovan provides his clients with a holistic approach to pain management and help you improve your movement and performance. He helped me to overcome and manage a very severe pain episode due to a very serious hip joint problem. I highly recommend his professional services since besides being a great Chiropractor he is very personable and he actually takes the time to give you the deserved attention and personalized treatment to you as an individual and not just as a number x patient.
Thanks Dr Donovan for all your help!

Alya M on Yelp

Dr. Donovan, the Receptionist Dee, and the Massage therapist Maren are amazing. Many years ago I vowed I would never go to a Chiropractor because I was so terrified something horrible would happen. But after constant headaches for a several years that pain killers did very little to help, I psyched myself up to see a Chiropractor. The receptionist Dee was the nicest most caring person and put all my fears to ease. I first saw Maren who was so informative, patient, thorough and did wonders for my tight shoulders and neck. The lymphatic drainage treatment was awesome and I felt amazing. I then saw Dr. Donovan a few days later and was so please with my visit. He is a very gifted doctor who knows exactly what to do to help. I told him all of my symptoms (and fears about being there) and after my first appointment could already feel a big difference. Since that time I have had several appointments and each time I continue to get better. And best of all my headaches have decreased significantly in only a few short weeks! I love their holistic approach and natural methods to getting the body to help heal itself. I am no longer terrified of chiropractors and will continue to see Dr. Donovan and Maren for years to come! Dr. Donovan did more to help my awful headaches than any other doctor. I’m so thrilled to have found such a wonderful Doctor’s office!

Jean S on Yelp

I have be a client of Dr. Donovan for many years. He has always gone out of his way to work with my crazy life and work schedule. I find him a good listener, he has a very up personality and is a excellent Chiropractor . He is always updating his knowledge and skills. His office staff are very understanding ,friendly and they return phone calls quickly, I also love that they phone me the day before with reminders of my appointment (they also are very understanding if you have to change or cancel an appointment).

If you need a Chiropractor– please see Dr. Donovan — you will not be sorry!

Alisha W on Yelp

I have been a patient of Dr Donovan DC for over 10 years and I couldn’t be happier. As he’s both a Chiropractor and Myofascial Therapist I’m able to get so much care each visit with his vast expertise, knowledge and skills.

Everyone in the office is personable and friendly, it’s a wonderful team. And there is now a recent addition of a massage therapist which I’m excited to learn about and will hopefully get an appointment with soon.

Bottom line is I highly recommend Dr Donovan!

John M on Yelp

I have been treated by chiropractors for years. We moved to San Mateo and needed to find a chiropractor we could trust. We have tried several in the San Mateo area without finding a truly top-flight doctor, until we met Dr. Dade Donovan. He spent almost an hour checking my history, testing my body and its limits, verifying information I had given him. He has “sensitive hands”. He is caring, and very competent using a combination of modalities for treatment.

His office manager, Dee is very competent, delightfully pleasant and called to remind me of my upcoming appointment.

Here is a doctor I trust, I am delighted to have found Dr. Donovan!

Lorraine T. on Yelp

2nd chiropracter I’ve been to in my life. Probably the only one that I will go back to for any future back problems.

Had a sport’s injury and he was knowledgeable about my sport and recommended exercises that I could do at home to prevent injury and strengthen my back – not a typical chiropracter that only does adjustment. I still had my adjustments done but the extra exercises really helped to keep my back strong.

Highly recommend! Very attentive.

Mark A on Yelp

Dr. Donovan fixed my long-standing shoulder problem. I had a torn rotator cuff about 10 years ago that never totally healed after surgery. After 1 session with Dr. Donovan I was able to throw a football 10 yards further. Today I can throw any ball like I did before the surgery.

I highly recommend Dr. Donovan

Extremely Welcoming and Helpful!

As a student and dancer, Dr. Donovan has helped relieve my extremely painful knee and back pain. His welcoming, friendly attitude made my visits much more enjoyable. His knowledge of sports and nutrition was an extra benefit that I didn’t expect. I look forward to my visits knowing that I will leave more relaxed and renewed.

from Google place page

Specializes in A.R.T.
by Charleen W. on Insider Pages

Dr. Donovan specializes in Active Release Techniques or ART. I have been seeing Dr. Donovan for several years now and always feel refreshed when I leave an appointment. I’m an active mother of a very active toddler and have had such relief in my shoulder and back from carrying a moving child. Repetitive motion has also caused me problems in my wrist and neck although with Dr. Donovan’s treatments and strengthening exercises I can return to my normal busy life. Dr. Donovan’s whole body approach is very effective. If you’re active, involved in sports or have over worked muscles causing you problems, see Dr. Donovan – you will be very pleased. I travel from Sunnyvale just to see Dr. Donovan – he’s that good!

Finally, Pain Free!
by Janice N. on Insider Pages

After experiencing twelve years of knee pain and trying several rounds of physical therapy and other alternative therapies, I finally found relief within a matter of weeks through Dade Donovan’s chiropractic services. His application of the ART (Active Release Technique) combined with strengthening exercises was an effective solution. Dr. Donovan was able to reduce my discomfort immediately and within a few weeks I was able to sleep at night with no pain. After that period of treatments, I am now able to exercise regularly and have not had any pain for almost six months. I spent many frustrating years searching for an answer and I’m thrilled to move freely again, without pain. Dade Donovan is an effective practitioner. He listens carefully, he thoroughly understands the muscular skeletal system and the science behind the techniques he uses. Today, I have no pain, I am able to sleep throughout the night pain free, I’m able to exercise regularly, and I can move freely again.

K.A. on Yelp

First of all I have to mention Dr. Donovan’s staff…Dee in the front office is so pleasant and easy to talk to. Now then, Dr. D is the best! He has an excellent bedside manner. He knows how to calm his patients. I was involved in a car accident that left me with severe neck pain and crippling headaches. I also had what I thought was the beginning of carpal tunnel. After my first session of some cracking of my neck and upper back and some manipulation of my forearms I felt so much better. I would highly recommend to all my fellow Yelpers to go to Dr. D.

“Wouldn’t have believed it”
Dee Costello on San Mateo Smalltown

After many months of intense pain due to repetitive strain injuries, Dr Donovan applied Active Release Technique and after two sessions, I have been pain free ever since (17 months and counting!) Sounds unbelievable, right? I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but it is so true.

by the bookkeeping on San Mateo Smalltown

I was in a car accident that damaged my knee. After just a few visits I was able to dance again. Dr. Donovan is very knowledgeable when it comes to alternative medicine. I highly recommend him. He personally cares about each patient.

“Gentle yet effective care”
juice lady on San Mateo Smalltown

Dr. Donovan was very thorough in addressing my needs. I have a work related injury to my elbows, that also affected my wrists and hands. He has a way of massaging and manipulating the affected areas that has relieved the pain and increased my strength. I was also experiencing back and neck pain which he alleviated through the use of techniques and equipment I’ve never experienced before, but which gave me immediate results. What I especially appreciate is his thoroughness, like recommending stretching exercises to stave off injury. Dr. Donovan has a holistic approach to treating his patients, including discussions on health and nutrition, that fits in perfectly with how I live my life.

“Caring, highly knowledgeable, and is a great doctor”
Rich W. on Yelp

I have been a patient of Dr. Donovan’s for five or six years now. I have worked for chiropractors in the past and have a lot of experience with different doctors. Dr. Donovan is by far the best. I see him for just general stiffness, etc. when ever I need a visit. However, he has been invaluable to me with my sports injuries. Dr. Donovan has treated me for a severely sprained ankle (or two) as well as helped me rehab a broken tibia. What I love about his style of care is that he takes the time to listen to what I am feeling, before even doing any physical evaluation. Then he gets to work. The combination of Active Release Technique (ART), Graston Technique, and adjustments have gotten me back up and running quickly. Regardless of my condition, whether it’s an injury or just general stiffness and soreness, Dr. Donovan is a wealth of knowledge. He always has some kind of exercise, stretches, or yoga positions that I can do at home to speed my recovery along.
I highly recommend Dr. Donovan. He is very caring, highly knowledgeable, and is a great doctor.

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